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Our range of dynamic parking signs will allow you to offer your customers real time information about the availability of parking spaces and their location. Our signs can be customized on request according to your specific needs, with up to 6 lines of 4 digit numbers, solar power system, or even LED matrix displays with scroll functionality. Ask our commercial department for all the customization possibilities we have available for you.


Our family of SMART PARKING signs has been conceived to integrate seamlessly with your control and sensors system, from there you will be able to program messages and monitor the operation of the signs in real time.*

*The control and monitoring functions available will vary depending on the capabilities of the control system.


All of our SMART PARKING signs can be configured for LAN, WIFI, 3G or GPRS communication, according to the needs of the project or installation.**

Thanks to the wireless communication and autonomous solar power capabilities, our SMART PARKING signs can be easily deployed almost anywhere, regardless if it is a covered parking structure or a street equipped with parking sensors.

**It is only possible to configure one type of communication system per sign.

In Capmar, we are very proud to offer you the most advanced and complete dynamic information management system…

Our new Transport on Demand service for bus lines with low passenger flow allow you to create flexible routes…

If you require a different solution to our standard products, our R&D department can develop a custom solution…