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In Capmar, we are very proud to offer you the most advanced and complete dynamic information management system for urban and interurban environments.

We have developed an information management platform with the most advanced technology, capable of handling all kinds of content and Information Points simultaneously with the objective of adapting to your needs and give you the peace of mind of knowing everything is under control, while offering precise and reliable information on the street.

Our Capmar Cloud system can gather information from several different sources in parallel. After that, it automatically sorts, filters and sends the information to the appropiate Information Points for display.

At the same time, Capmar Cloud is constantly monitoring the operation of our advanced Dynamic Information Points, as well as the connection to the content sources. It monitors parameters such as signal strenght, display status, battery charge and voltage, solar panel performance, internal temperature and many more.

Using this information, Capmar Cloud can predict an incident like a battery discharge even days before it happens, and automatically tell the maintenance crew to fix it before it has a chance to affect the system.

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