Calmar eCCo.P

The beautiful eCCo.P is a versatile and functional dynamic information bus stop.

Because of it’s careful and minimalistic design, eCCo.P is the perfect solution for all kinds of urban environments, integrating beautifully into sidewalks of all sizes.

The small footprint of 23x23cm allows eCCo.P to be installed in the most narrow street without interfeering with the circulation of pedestrians.

Because it gets all the energy it needs from the sun, eCCo.P doesn’t need any kind of wiring or connection to the power grid, which reduces the cost and complexity of installation, and increases the reliability of the system.

Design & technology

The simplicity and attention to detail on the eCCo.P bus stop can be seen at first glance. The main structure, with a footprint of only 23×23 centimeters, allow it to be installed in sidewalks of any size. Furthermore, the display module can be updated or replaced independently without having to replace the whole bus stop.

capmar cloud integracion eng 2016

Technical Specifications

Energy source: Photovoltaic panel
Installation voltage: 12V
Average power draw: 2.88W
Battery autonomy: Up to 10 days*
Material: Carbon Steel
Display protection: Vandal-proof glass
Finishes: Electrostatic Powder coating.
Data transmission: GPRS
Display technology: High contrast ChLCD
Operation temperature: -20 to +80°C
Illumination: High effciency SMD LED

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