Our Company

We are an established company in the public transportation and urban equipment, with a long experience in the manufacture of industrial products, street furniture, signaling and information points in public spaces.

In Capmar, we create our products from the ground up. We take care of all the development stages, from the materials selection to design, production, installation and maintenance. We put a heavy focus on R&D, constantly investing in the most recent technology to offer high quality products along an efficient and comfortable service, optimizing costs, and reducing our environmental impact.

Thanks to our ability to adapt to the peculiarities of each city, and the special care we put into the energy efficiency of our products, we have earned several acknowledgements and awards from public institutions in different cities.


These are the comments from some of our customers:
“Excellent service and innovative product”
Head of Innovation, AMM Valencia


“Satisfied users, happy City Halls”
Technician from the Molins de Rei City Hall


“The objective is to adapt public Transportation to new technologies and gain users”
Lt. of the Mayor and Mobility, Girona City Hall


our sustainable technology

Besides our Capmar Cloud advanced management system, we have developed a one-of-a-kind sustainable technological platform which is the base for the design of our dynamic information points.

We firmly believe in sustainable development, efficiency and rational use of resources. Because of this, all of the technology we develop incorporates renewable energy sources and an efficient use of materials andr processes. From our energy sipping electronics to our electronic ink displays and the transparent integration of our information points with Capmar Cloud, all our technology has been meticulously designed to offer energy efficiency without parallel on the market.

Economic benefits
Forget about electricity bills.
Reduced installation costs.
Reduced maintenance costs.

Environmental benefits
Reduction of CO2 emissions.
Powere d by clean, renewable energy sources.
Use of recyclable materials.

Social benefits
Dynamic information in real time.
Important notices for the citizens.
Accesibility for the visually impaired with acoustic information.